Gift Card Packaging That Makes Sense
Welcome to Creative Carding, The Designers, Inventors and Manufacturers of the World's Most Popular Gift Card Packaging.
Patent #8474619
  • Made in the U.S.A.

    All of our gift card boxes and folders are designed and manufactured in the United States in our facility in Christiansburg, Virginia. WE are the inventors, patent holders and manufacturers of all of our gift card packaging. Buying direct from us means no markup in prices.

  • Made from Sustainable Products.

    All of our Gift Card Packaging is made from 80% post consumer paper products and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

  • Why use Gift Card Packaging?

    Presentation is paramount when giving a gift! Giving and receiving gift cards should be exciting and presented with class. We take pride in the fact that we design and manufacture the most luxurious and affordable packaging for gift cards in the world.

We want to take a moment and thank all of our many loyal customers who have become members of the Prestar family. We also want to pass along a new exciting part of our program. Basically our new business segment "Creative Carding" is still in it's infancy and we are amazed daily at the response and positive remarks we have from customers world wide. It has really been a rewarding experience to meet new people and establish cherished relationships across the globe. It truly is a "Small World".


We want you! Yes, we want you to have a big part of our future and want you to be a part of our Team. As you can see from our site, we have over 60 different stock designs in both boxes and folders. We need your input and suggestions as to what other colors or designs you think would be a great addition to our program. Simply email or call us with your ideas. We will evaluate your ideas and if we put it to use, we will reward your efforts with a nice gift. Want more? If you give us contact information of potential new customers and they end up placing orders with us, you get a commission check!


This will be a time for you to share your talents of design and salesmanship and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Warmest regards, Anne & Craig Chrisman

Be a part of our Team!

A Special Message from The President & Vice President.

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