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Prestar Packaging; Christiansburg, VA

Creative Carding is a newly formed division of Prestar Packaging, Inc. Prestar is a family owned and operated company located in beautiful Southwest Virginia. Prestar was once one of the largest manufacturers of gift certificate boxes in the nation. Supplying boxes to some of the largest Mall chains and Department Stores, it became evident that the era of gift certificates was rapidly changing to gift cards. Many of our customers began to ask us to develop a unique box for packaging gift cards that was beautiful, functional and affordable. After several years of developing and testing, we met their wishes and went way beyond everyone's expectations. We actually do that quite often! We now have a patented, unique clamshell style box with a surprising pop up style, never before seen, gift card holder inserted inside. Our new boxes and now folders offer that element of surprise that was missing when giving gift cards to family and friends. We have managed to make giving gift cards a true gift again!


We are the Inventors, Designers, and Manufacturers of our gift card packaging. We are proud of the fact that ANYONE can buy directly from us and also proud of the fact that we still offer one-on-one service whether you are ordering "stock boxes & folders" from our site, or want your own personalized designs manufactured by us. WE will happily walk you through every step. Do not be hesitant to contact us and don't freak out when an actual human answers the phone. We have the capacity to manufacture millions yet make you feel like you are our best customer when you only want 100!


When we began, back in 1995, it was truly all family with Dads, Moms, Brothers, Sisters and children all pitching in to help get the company off the ground. Since then our family has grown to include our "employee family" which consist of the most wonderful and caring group we have ever met. Today, Prestar is headed up with Anne & Craig Chrisman as President and Vice President and eldest son Taylor Chrisman as National Sales Manager. Just to be "politically incorrect", we believe in God and the fact that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our company is successful only because we follow His will and guidance. As you can see from the picture below, we are Hokie and Highlander fans as all of our family graduated from either Virginia Tech or Radford University.


So, the bottom line is that we are all just one big family having fun making boxes and loving our environment of exploring and creating new ideas in the packaging world. Best of all is we get to meet extraordinary interesting people all over the world which leads to more additions to our great Prestar family!



Taylor, Parker, Anne, Craig, Preston & Brianna Chrisman

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